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Our fantastic sponsors help make our conferences possible. Contact us if you're interested in partnering with us on one of our upcoming events.

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We love designing and delivering our conferences, and we aim to bring sponsors on board as part of our team. We pride ourselves on working with our partners to come up with something creative that suits your brand or technology, and that makes you really stand out!

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What do sponsors say about our conferences?

“What impressed me with the Lead Developer conference was the general outlook of the people we met, who were consistently ambitious and thoughtful about their future as Technology leaders. Of the events Songkick attended last year, we found the Lead Developer conference was by far the best opportunity to meet people with strong technical leadership experience and potential.”

Mark McIntyre, VP Engineering at SongKick, Sponsor at The Lead Developer 2015

“The professionalism of the team running the event and the effort they put into making sure we got the outcomes we desired from it was excellent! It was an extremely well thought out event that made sure the attendees got the most out of every aspect of AngularConnect.”

Jeremy Thake, Microsoft, AngularConnect 2015 sponsor

“Angular Connect was the best organised tech event Sky attended last year. We really enjoyed the talks which were of top quality and met lots of interesting people. We would thoroughly recommend this event to anyone who is thinking of attending next year.”

Sky, AngularConnect 2015 sponsor

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Take a look at our current sponsorship opportunities, and email [email protected] to request a sponsor pack for any or all of upcoming conferences.

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