Our studio

Our sister company White October builds award winning digital products.

Based in Oxford since 2003 our sister studio, White October, helps its clients build better digital products.

From humble beginnings

Back in 2012 White October decided that Oxford needed a tech conference and organised its first: jQuery UK 2012. It turned out we were pretty good at running tech conferences and in 2013 we got serious, founding White October Events.

Grounded in digital

White October adopt the latest best practice in both digital technology and product development and are committed to sharing their learning with the wider community. That technical grounding has helped the events business curate some of the best digital events in the world.

Hire a White October product team

White October product teams can be hired to design, build and a launch web and mobile products. Check out their work and get in touch to see if they can help with yours.

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Our clients include