Angular Training

We offer professional Angular training courses for web developers based on the latest release of the Angular framework.

Angular training provider

As well as co-organising AngularConnect – Europe's largest Angular conference – we also run regular training workshops on Angular for developers looking to learn the framework from scratch and those looking to level up their skills.

In the past, we've run workshops on Angular 2. Moving forward, course content will be updated for the most recent Angular version.

Our Angular training courses cover topics including:

  • Introduction to Angular
  • ES5, ES6 and TypeScript
  • Dependency Injection
  • Templating
  • Components
  • Reactive Extensions
  • HTTP module
  • Component Router
  • Forms
  • Unit Testing

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Benefits of our Angular courses

  • We work with amazing tutors who are experts in their field
  • We keep class sizes small for maximum face-time and a chance to ask your questions
  • Most of our workshops focus on practical exercises, so you'll learn by doing
  • Our friendly team will be on hand to answer your questions at all stages of your booking
  • Course content is kept up-to-date (our courses cover the latest version of the Angular framework – our most recent update was from Angular 2 to Angular 4)

About our trainers

We work with expert Angular tutors, including:

Pete Bacon Darwin

Pete is a core member of the Angular team. He has the led development of Angular 1 since the end of 2014, releasing Angular versions 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6. He has written a book on AngularJS, gives talks and workshops on Angular and is a co-organiser of AngularConnect.

Pete Bacon Darwin

Todd Motto

Todd Motto is an industry recognised Angular evangelist and Google Developer Expert (GDE). He's run workshops at Google in San Francisco and has sold out all conference workshops in Europe and the USA.
Todd Motto

Gerard Sans

Gerard is a Computer Science Engineer and an Angular Google Developer Expert. He has lived and worked for all sorts of companies in Germany, Brazil, UK and Spain, and he enjoys running AngularJS Labs London, mentoring AngularJS students, participating in the community, giving talks and writing technical articles at Medium.
Gerard Sans

Feedback about our Angular training

"This was a very informative day in which I learned a lot. I had been working with Angular for a few weeks before the workshop. It's very easy to follow online tutorials or examples but not to grasp why you should be doing something or to understand how it works. With the workshop, everything was extremely well explained which really helped me get a firmer understanding of what things were actually doing and why."

Attendee at Pete Bacon Darwin's workshop

"Good content and great to have the solutions and instructions all provided."

Attendee at Pete Bacon Darwin's workshop