Build scalable Javascript applications with Redux + React

This 1-day workshop with Tim Ruffles will enable you to build single-page-apps with ES6/20xx, React and Redux.

£320 + VAT

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Redux is a new answer to the challenges of building ambitious front-end apps. This class will enable you to build single-page-apps with a modern stack: ES6/20xx, React and Redux.

This course is suitable for individual developers to attend, as well as entire development teams.

Topics covered

  • Use Redux to manage state that's updated from multiple sources
  • Handle asynchronous interaction with APIs
  • Normalise your data, to make it easy and safe to have multiple references to the same data
  • Testing React applications
  • Using ES6/ES20xx to write clean, maintainable code


  • This workshop is targeted at web developers, software engineers, or anybody confident writing code.
  • Bring your laptop as this will be a hands-on workshop!

Training venue

This workshop will take place at Avonmouth House – a purpose-built training venue located between Borough and Elephant & Castle in London. We offer dedicated WiFi and provide breakfast on arrival, drinks and snacks throughout the day, plus a sit-down hot lunch.

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Course tutor

Tim Ruffles

Tim trains developers for organisations like Google, and the European Bioinformations Institute. He is a Google Developer Expert for the web platform, specialising in AngularJS. He speaks at many user-groups and conferences, worldwide, and runs the Functional Javascript meetup in London, and maintains the Javascript Garden.
Tim Ruffles

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