Resources for organisers

Over the years we've learned a lot from others in the industry, so in the spirit of paying that forward we're pleased to share some of the resources that we've found invaluable as event organisers.

Products and suppliers we love

  • Ticketing software: Tito
    We've been using this powerful event software for over two years, and we love it. It's packed with useful features and the development team are wonderful people. We 100% recommend them.
  • CMS: Perch Runway
    We build our conference sites (and this site) in Perch Runway and we find it really fit for purpose. You can set up Collections (like speakers, sessions, sponsors, etc.) and re-use content around the site, which is a huge timesaver!
  • Live captions: White Coat Captioning
    We're thrilled to be able to offer live-captioning at all our conferences as of this year, and we struck gold finding Norma and her team. They specialise in tech conferences, and they're absolutely amazing at what they do – it's kind of mind-blowing!



  • Publicly Speaking – Research by Rachel Andrew into what it's like to be a speaker at a tech conference.
  • AlterConf Code of Conduct – This is an impressively thorough example of a CoC, with lots to take away for new and experienced event organisers alike.
  • Identity for 2014 Brand New Conference – A super cool behind-the-scenes look at how graphic design agency UnderConsideration developed the branding for Brand New Conference and rolled it out across their collateral.