Selenium WebDriver

Master browser automation with WebDriver at this full day workshop with Umar Hansa.

£320 + VAT

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Browser automation via WebDriver is useful for testing and even scraping your favourite websites to extract data that you need.

This workshop will give you the knowledge to automate a browser for many use cases, including integration testing, web scraping, and more.

We’ll focus on JavaScript, and explore a number of strategies for controlling modern web applications. Automating and testing of playing audio, video, and even animation are some examples of things we’ll look at. With a large number of end-to-end testing frameworks out there, all using JavaScript, this talk will also evaluate the pros of cons of a few frameworks.

We'll cover some advance topics in WebDriver such as using a programmable proxy which allows you to dynamically manipulate the webpage response before you start using it, this is especially useful for mocking.

Finally, we’ll explore some more creative uses of browser automation, going further than just browser based testing.


  • A basic understanding of how a webpage works under the hood
  • A basic understanding of JavaScript
  • Laptop with:
    • Node.js 6+
    • NPM 3+
    • Code editor

Training venue

This workshop will take place at Avonmouth House – a purpose-built training venue located between Borough and Elephant & Castle in London. We offer dedicated WiFi and provide breakfast on arrival, drinks and snacks throughout the day, plus a sit-down hot lunch.

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Course tutor

Umar Hansa

Umar is a web developer based in London who has a focus on writing tips, tutorials and documentation for the web platform. He runs the Dev Tips project which sends out gif based tips for web developer focussed tooling. He has also given over 10 conference talks in 2016 alone and has a real passion for teaching and sharing knowledge.

Umar Hansa

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